Property Management Companies Debunk 5 “Energy Saving” Myths

In this article property managers and professionals working for property management companies debunk some energy saving myths and let you know what will really save you money on your water and electricity bill.

1. Taking Showers Instead of Baths will Save Water

This is true, in most cases.

However, taking showers can only truly save water if you make use of a water-efficient shower head. If you are operating purely based on the fact that you think showers use less water you could be using up to 50 litres more than baths with a shower. Get a water-efficient shower head or you are literally throwing your money down the drain.
Short showers with a water-efficient shower head is the most money and water saving option available.

2. Making Use of Energy Saving Lightbulbs Will Save You Money

This one is true.

If you follow the instructions of the bulb this should be true of most if not all lightbulbs. Toby Walne sums this up nicely in his article Can switching your light bulbs really save you £100 a year? on the financial website of the year,
Not only will the save loads of energy but a pretty penny too.

3. Leaving Heating on a Low Temperature All Day Will Save Money

In cold countries there is a huge debate on how to save energy while using central heating. Many believe that leaving the temperature at a low heat all day saves energy.
This is dependent on the way you monitor your energy use.
This may be true in certain cases but the only way to truly know if you use a smart metre or thermostat that allows you to closely monitor and understand your energy use. You will also soon learn what a comfortable temperature is to leave the thermostat on at any given time rather than attempting to keep a lower constant as a means of energy (and money) saving. Reducing your temperature by even one degree has the ability to save you money.