Looking for a Place in Oceanside

It was not really as hard as I expect it would be, aside from the move itself which turned out to be pretty bad because of the weather and the whininess of the guy that I talked into helping me. Of course the real trick was that I managed to find an apartment which had three bedrooms and two roommates. I was looking for a place in a very specific area an Oceanside CA apartments, because I wanted to be close to both my new office and my Mom’s townhouse. She loves to cook for me and just about any other person I want to bring over there, all of my friends are more than willing to tag along and it is a real shame to disappoint your Mom and pass up a delicious home cooked meal. In truth my mother could very easily outdo lots of great chefs, or at least any of the ones that cook at the sort of places that I can afford.

At any rate it worked out really great, especially with regard to my Mom. She is less than five minutes away, and you can cut through the side streets to avoid the traffic if it is a time of day when there is an issue. My office is just about 12 minutes away by most of the routes I would take, although it can vary a little depending on conditions. That is about half of what it would have been if I had not moved. Best of all my rent is significantly reduced because of the two roommates and on top of that this is a very nice apartment complex with great amenities. Some of the stuff like the business center I do not really need, but I absolutely love the gym and it will be even better when the weather gets cold.