Getting Organized

Handy is a company that helps people get their home in order. No matter what you need to get done, Handy will have a professional available to get it off your to-do list. If you are planning a party and need extra help to set everything up or you might have just had a party and need someone to get your home cleaned up afterwards, Handy will always have someone to contact to make sure you are right on track. Although the services are available in bigger cities across North America, Handy provides solutions for everyone on their social media profiles.

Since we have different sections of our house, a good place to start is focusing on the one you feel should be cleaned first. Perhaps the section of the house that is the messiest is the best place to start, the place that is driving you the craziest. Look at the space in your house that is causing the most stress. Just be sure to clean up the room that will help you lead to do more productive things on the long run.

When someone says they are disorganized, it is more of an umbrella term that can mean different things. Is it because you are not very good with time management or it is the problem stemming from having too much clutter?

The ideal first step is to make a list that is measurable and realistic to get done in a certain time span. Since it is the New Year, most people want to take on things they have been putting off in their lives but are ready to take it on in January. We are more successful in our goals when we break it down instead of having a broad and general aim.

A few examples of the way you can get an objective or a chore done in the house is if you would like to focus on cleaning your bedroom since there are too many clothes around. Think about ways you can get rid of the bulk lying around. A few solutions can be to donate some clothes, buy hangers for the ones you want to keep and also get a over-the-door hook to manage the rest that are too small or bulky to hang.

If you notice you are always running late and missing appointments, it is clear your problem is time management. Some things to do to work on this is to plan out your day the night before and have a digital or a physical planner.